The volume of paper used in healthcare is astounding. Admission packets. Authorization forms. Consent forms. Managing these forms can be cumbersome and time consuming, not to mention the costs involved in their mass production.

AbbaDox offers a new approach to handling patient documentation with its Automated Intake forms solution. Integrated with the scheduler, patient record, and appointment details, practices can streamline paper-based workflows or eliminate paper altogether, with their patients ready for their appointments as soon as they arrive.

Work Smarter with Barcodes

Eliminate document prepping, QA, indexing, and routing tasks.​

Avoid Redundant Manual Entry

Instantly generate forms that pre-populate with the appropriate patient and provider information.

Batch Print Visit-Specific Forms

Print forms by patient name or other fields, such as date of service or location.​


Go Green and Save Time

Use mobile device-friendly eForms to fill and sign standard forms, saving on print costs while reducing errors and data entry labor.​

AbbaDox Automated Intake Forms Solution also gives your practice the flexibility of online, tablet entry, or bar-code enabled paper forms. All forms associated with an appointment are automatically generated and made available online, via text or portal, or printed when patient checks in. Whatever method you choose, completed forms automatically attach to the patient record and appointment details, with no need for selecting document types manual sorting.

Let AbbaDox streamline your intake form workflows, so you can spend less time on paperwork, and more time on patient care.


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