As we look back on 2022 at AbbaDox, there are a few common themes that were present throughout the year. We wanted to take a moment to reflect back on all that we’ve achieved together in collaboration with our team, clients, and partners.


Product and Service Innovations 

Our team was hard at work this year, driving incredible, industry-leading innovation in our suite of radiology workflow solutions. We continued to innovate and improve our products and services, introducing new offerings and making significant enhancements to existing ones. These were not just incremental changes, but rather foundational and generational improvements that raised the bar even higher. Among those was a complete rebuild of AbbaDox with modern tools and design concepts that focused on exceptional user experience.

Another major highlight of the year was the successful rollout of AbbaDox Careflow to all of our radiology clients. With a few exceptions, our clients are now on one modern platform with all the integrations necessary to optimizing the entire patient journey, from a referring physician portal rich with new functionalities and workflows to patient checkout, results distribution, and follow-up. Our solutions provide practices with numerous benefits for patients and staff, and the rollout has already had a significant impact on client operations and bottom lines. 

 We also introduced AbbaDox PCS (Platform Communication Services), which allows our customers to offer their referring physicians and patients complete end-to-end digital registration, self-scheduling, authorization, payment collection, and more. Practice operators, front desk staff, technologists, and other care providers can communicate and chat in real-time with patients seamlessly through AbbaDox CareFlow, thanks to these innovations.


Employee Engagement and Development 

At our company, we believe that investing in our people is key to driving the success of our business. That’s why we made a concerted effort this year to engage and support our employees through various training and professional development programs, as well as team-building activities. We expanded our teams to add more talented individuals who helped us raise the bar across the board and new leadership who provided guidance to support our growth initiatives in the areas of product, support, sales, and marketing. After 19 years, our AbbaDox culture lives on at the center of everything we do. 


Strong Performance and Partnerships

We are proud to report that the company’s performance was strong this year. Our sales team reached a record for new logo customers in one year. We were also able to help our existing clients reimagine their approach to care coordination by introducing them and onboarding them into our newest innovations like advanced registration and check-in workflows. We are servicing more imaging centers than ever before, helping them improve their bottom lines and most importantly, their patient experiences.

We were also fortunate to form some valuable partnerships, collaborations, and integrations that have helped us drive our business forward. 


Challenges and Learnings 

Despite some of the challenges and setbacks we faced this year, our team’s steadfast dedication to service and continuous growth ensured we learned from these experiences. We are committed to continuing to adapt and improve as we move forward. 


Our Sincere Gratitude

We want to express our deep gratitude to our entire team for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Your efforts are the DNA of AbbaDox, and we are truly grateful to have such a talented and dedicated team. Your passion and willingness to go above and beyond what’s expected is truly inspiring, and it’s clear that you find true purpose in your roles as stewards of innovation, imagination, and service. 

 We also want to express our gratitude to our partners and resellers for their continued support and commitment to growth every year.  

 And, of course, to our valued customers, thank you for your loyalty and support. We are committed to delivering the best products and services to meet your needs, and we value your partnership. We appreciate your trust in us, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate to propel your practices and the radiology industry forward. 


Looking Ahead to 2023

As we look towards the future, we are excited about all that we will accomplish together in 2023. Here’s to a successful and fulfilling year ahead!