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Advanced Radiology Scheduling Optimization

Maximize productivity and empower your team with efficient scheduling tools

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A Simple Scheduling Process

Scheduling Guidelines

Define and configure rules for scheduling appointments based on patient requirements

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Scheduling Wizard

Choose the appropriate procedure for the patient based on their individual needs

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Appointment Confirmation

Use rules logic to automatically schedule appointments and notify patients instantly.

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Advanced Scheduling Benefits

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Increase Efficiency

Streamline the scheduling process and prevent errors by guiding users through a customizable scheduling wizard. 

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Reduce Onboarding Time

Reduce staff training needs through configurable rules for procedure gaps, payor exceptions and other institutional knowledge.

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Patient Convenience

Provide patients with self-scheduling, wait lists, mobile-friendly appointment management and 2-way SMS.

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Real-time Availability

Enable real-time updates to appointment availability, allowing for efficient scheduling and reducing the risk of double-booking.

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Patient Preference

Allowing patients to choose from a variety of scheduling options and preferences, such as appointment times and procedures, increasing patient satisfaction and engagement.

Streamlining Efficiency, Profitability, and the Patient Experience

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“We lowered our patient no-show rates from above 15% to below 5%, which led to significant revenue growth.”

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Raul J. Arizpe -

President and Chief Operating Officer

Desert Imaging

“We achieved a 30% reduction in call volume from referring doctors, resulting in a substantial decrease in operational costs.”

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Zach Harman

RIS / IT Administrator

Health Management Company of America


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