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Seamlessly Integrated SMS Communication

Reduce no-show rates, improve communication and patient satisfaction with seamlessly integrated SMS capabilities.

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A Simple Process

Automated Reminder Texts

Send automated reminder texts to patients to confirm upcoming appointments


Patient Responds

Allow patients to reply to the reminder texts and confirm or reschedule their appointments


Staff Interacts

Interact in real-time with patient replies and update their appointments accordingly


SMS Communication Benefits

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Appointment Confirmation

Send automated reminders and confirmations to reduce the risk of missed appointments and increase patient engagement.

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Patient Convenience

Provide patients the ability to reply and coordinate appointment details over SMS.

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Real-time Updates

Receive and respond to patient replies in real-time, allowing for efficient communication and coordination between your practice and your patients.

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Non-intrusive Communication

Use SMS as a method of communication, reducing the need for inconveniently timed calls and allowing patients to manage their appointments on their own schedule.

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Send and receive SMS messages as a cost-effective method of communication, reducing costs associated with phone calls or mailers and allowing for more efficient use of resources.

Streamlining Efficiency, Profitability, and the Patient Experience

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“We lowered our patient no-show rates from above 15% to below 5%, which led to significant revenue growth.”

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Raul J. Arizpe -

President and Chief Operating Officer

Desert Imaging

“We achieved a 30% reduction in call volume from referring doctors, resulting in a substantial decrease in operational costs.”

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Zach Harman

RIS / IT Administrator

Health Management Company of America


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