Extending technical options with a centralized management console for IT administrators


 FORT LAUDERDALE, FL ― February 21, 2017 IDS, a leader in healthcare cloud information management services, announced today the release of AbbaDox® Studio, a tool for customers to configure workflows and manage access to AbbaDox applications within the enterprise domain. It improves workflow efficiencies as well as departmental and acquisition onboarding by accelerating application deployment and adoption.

AbbaDox Studio serves as a central point of command providing IT professionals with the ability to craft operational workflows for administrative and clinical tasks, document and forms management, reporting, results distribution and notifications. Its strategic value as a management tool is that it allows organizations to alter deployment methods as their business environment dictates with minimal operational cost.

As pressure mounts industrywide for tighter information management and cybersecurity, healthcare IT administrators are seeking simpler, more efficient ways to manage data and at the same time be responsive to care provider needs. AbbaDox Studio is a strategic management tool that accomplishes both. Once implemented, AbbaDox Studio significantly simplifies technology hierarchy, reduces on-premise IT footprint and yields operational efficiencies.

“This marks the first step in opening up our AbbaDox ecosystem with platform-as-a-service to better serve IT personnel,” said CEO Yaniv Dagan. “As our customer base evolves to larger healthcare delivery organizations, we are developing intuitive management tools to empower IT administrators who are seeking more autonomy and control over their applications and user base.”

The application allows IT administrators to quickly and easily assume control for system settings and permissions, allowing them to configure workflows, displays, add new users, manage access and define roles. Administrators can define roles held by clinical and administrative staff and permit access to specific workflows such as alert notifications with escalation to foster communication and collaboration among care providers.  They can assign rights for an individual or group defined by job function, location or other criteria.

IDS will be exhibiting at the 2017 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, February 20-23 in Orlando and showcasing AbbaDox Studio along with its population health and value-based care analytics solution. For a demonstration of AbbaDox Cloud solutions at HIMSS17, please call 800-500-8614 or visit booth 803 in the exhibit hall.