Grow Your Referral Volumes with Real-Time Analytics

Discover the Power of Real-time Referral Data

Measuring your return on investment from referring physicians can be challenging with manual management, home-grown databases or systems not built for radiology centers.

Track, manage and grow your referring physician relationships with AbbaDox CRM. Our CRM is an easy-to-use referral marketing and business intelligence tool designed and built with healthcare marketers in mind.

Identify Referral Trends with Real-Time Analytics

Measure referral volumes based on completed and scheduled studies to provide a picture of return on investment for marketing efforts.

Empower Your Marketers

Document your visits and encounters with ordering physicians.

Visualize Your Marketing Reach with Account and Prospect Mapping

Map referring physicians addresses around your imaging centers to geographically visualize market share.

Track Expenses for Regulatory Compliance

Provide intuitive tools for marketers to document all of their expenses related to referring physicians and groups while following regulatory guidelines for non-monetary compensation.

What Makes AbbaDox CRM Unique?

We understand the complexity of the data that feeds scheduling and other care delivery applications. Layer in analytics and dashboard tools to provide precise, real-time insight to referral activities and trends

Real-time Analytics Report Library

A library of powerful analytics reports derived from real-time data give you key insights into your referral activity. Report by physician or group.

Frequent Updates

AbbaDox CRM is updated eight (8) times a year, and because it’s cloud-based, the latest and greatest version is always at your fingertips.

Record Merging

Combine referring records that may have been duplicated in your RIS.

Performance Oversight Tools

Evaluate performance, outreach efforts, and return on investment with financial analytics.

Real-Time Reports Wherever You Are

Gain up-to-the-minute access to referral activity broken down by modality, service type, location and more. No special devices required—only a desktop or mobile web browser.