Looking to automate your Imaging Practice Operations?

A seamlessly connected end-to-end work flow could increase referrals, reduce patient no-shows, alleviate staff burnout, and accelerate your revenue cycle. Schedule a brief 15 minute consultative call to see where automation can take your practice. 

Reduce Staff Burnout by digitizing and automating referral marketing and incoming referral orders from both Physicians and Personal Injury Attorneys.

Reduce Patient no-shows with an improved digital scheduling platform allowing multiple-levels of communication and allowing the Patient to self on board.

Keep ahead of your revenue cycle and the NSA with Integrated eligibility verification and billing processes in one cloud-based system.

Improve the Patient’s Journey with enhanced communication, remote onboarding and better care coordination.


Secure patient data in a SOC2, HIPAA-compliant platform.

The Trusted Radiology Information System RIS by radiology and
imaging practices like yours and more:

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