Digital Patient Engagement Protects Your Patients and Staff

As many patients are wary of waiting rooms right now, emphasizing their safety is paramount to providing quality care. For many practices, registration and scheduling will shift from being on-premise to being mostly online and the key will be turning the online experience into one that is user-friendly and effective. Our clients are quickly assessing the online approach to make sure it is available in the coming weeks so they can resume operations with health and safety in mind. Here are a few ways we are doing this for our customers:

Self-scheduling and online pre-registration paperwork

can have your patients walking in the door and ready to go without the need to pass around the clipboard or a tablet. By eliminating much of the intake process, your front desk staff is protected from prolonged physical interaction, minimizing the number of people sitting in your waiting room and potentially spreading the virus.

Confirmations and reminders

can include a customized message that guides the patient through a brief symptom check to determine if it is safe for them to keep their appointment, directing them to the appropriate care if they are not well.

Online pay options

means that when it’s time to pay, patients don’t need to hand the credit card over. They can pay online with our integrated billing options, keeping your patients and staff from spreading germs through the payment process.
We’re working tirelessly to give you the tools you need to keep your staff and patients safe during these unprecedented times and are eager for your feedback and ideas on how we can make improvements or changes to our software during this difficult time. And as always, if you need help or want tips on your current set-up, we’re here for that, too.
Written by Yaniv Dagan | CEO of AbbaDox

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