Diagnostic Imaging Services embraces IDS’s hybrid reporting solutions, radiology CRM

Diagnostic Imaging Services embraces IDS’s hybrid reporting solutions, radiology CRM

Outpatient centers achieve 70% speech recognition adoption rate in one month


FT. LAUDERDALE – April 18, 2012 – Diagnostic Imaging Services of New Orleans, Louisiana (DISNOLA), a radiology client of Integrated Document Solutions (IDS), has achieved 70% speech recognition adoption rate in one month using IDS’s radiology solutions. The IDS technology has enhanced their workflow, drastically improved turnaround time and cut operating costs.

DISNOLA implemented Voice2Dox, IDS’s dictation and template-reporting system, in their three diagnostic imaging centers. Their radiologists had previously relied on 100% transcription to create reports.  Today, over 70% of DISNOLA’s reports are created through speech recognition as part of IDS’s blended radiology reporting solutions.  The remainder is produced via transcription.

“It was their flexibility that drew us to IDS.  We liked the fact that they gave us the choice of how to create our reports – speech recognition or transcription. It’s too expensive for our radiologists to edit all the reports,” said Kathy Rabalais, DISNOLA’s Director of Clinic Services/IS.  “We never expected this high of a speech recognition adoption rate so quickly.  There are times when we’ve hit a high of 80%. We didn’t even predict a 50% adoption rate in the first year.”

“IDS hired some of our medical transcriptionists to continue working for our doctors using the IDS AbbaDox platform,” stated Rabalais. DISNOLA also benefited from the IDS SaaS model and converted a significant capital expenditure into a low monthly operational cost, making it much more cost effective in the short- and long-term.   “They made the move an easy one.  It was a win-win situation.”

DISNOLA, a Tenet HealthSystems diagnostic group, previously used a dictation system selected by their corporate parents.  However, they eventually outgrew that system, and the one included with their RIS wasn’t robust enough to meet their needs.

“To achieve such a high adoption rate in such a short ramp-up period is a significant accomplishment for DISNOLA,” said IDS president Yaniv Dagan.  “This is a testament to our proven hybrid approach where technology is introduced with minimal change of behavior and no loss of productivity.  By allowing the radiologists to decide how they want reports to be created we have jointly established an environment that encourages greater adoption of automation tools like speech recognition.”

IDS’s training, both online and onsite, together with the hand-holding customer service, allowed the radiologists to embrace the new technology with little difficulty. Because IDS was able to set-up customized reporting templates, even the radiologists t