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Patient Engagement with Safety in Mind

Many patients may be wary of waiting rooms right now, so emphasizing their safety is paramount to providing quality care. With bi-directional automated patient texting services that are integrated with AbbaDox RIS, patients can announce their arrival via SMS and wait in their car to avoid unnecessary contact until instructed to walk into the clinic. 

AbbaDox’s capability to allow online-scheduling and to fill out pre-registration paperwork remotely can have your patients walking in the door and ready to go. No need to pass around the clipboard or a tablet. By eliminating much of the intake process, your front desk staff is protected from prolonged physical interaction, minimizing the number of people sitting in your waiting room and potentially spreading the virus. 


Safe Check-in with Bi-Directional Patient Texting

Manage the patient check-in process via automated patient texting services. Send and receive replies from patients in real-time leading up to their scheduled appointment. 

Safe and Secure Online Bill Pay

Pay online with integrated billing options, keeping your patients and staff from spreading germs through the payment process.

Online Self-Scheduling and Registration

Avoid physical interaction associated with front desk workflows.


Confirmations & Reminders

include a customized message to inform patients of their appointment details and reduce no-shows and cancellations.


COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Find out if your patient has any symptoms related to COVID-19 and determine if it is safe for them to come in.

Results and Image Sharing

Share results and images with patients and referring physicians without passing physical media.


We’re in this together!