How Does a Cloud-Based RIS System Benefit Your Radiology Practice?

How Does a Cloud-Based RIS System Benefit Your Radiology Practice?

What is a Cloud-Based RIS System?

RIS systems are designed to help radiology-centric organizations and imaging centers manage and streamline clinical, operational and business workflows. When reviewing RIS vendors for your practice, finding a true cloud-based provider should be top priority. Unlike other RIS vendors, AbbaDox offers its RIS as a software-as-a-service solution hosted within its own radiology-dedicated, coast-to-coast private cloud.

Though you’re probably familiar with the “cloud” in reference to your everyday life, the true benefits of a cloud-based RIS will be operational game-changers for your practice.

Why Should Your Practice Use a Cloud-Based Radiology Information System?

There are many reasons why your radiology practice should adopt a cloud-based RIS system. With ever-changing regulatory requirements and reduction in reimbursement, radiology practices can find it hard to remain focused on the quality of patient care without affecting the bottom line. With AbbaDox, you’ll say goodbye to all those headaches associated with constant updates, cumbersome hardware, high-ticket capital costs, frequent maintenance issues including unexpected downtimes, and growing security threats. Your technologists, administrative staff and radiologists won’t have to worry about working within the technology, as the technology will literally work for you. All workflows and user interfaces are designed and optimized to streamline your practice for maximum efficiency.

The AbbaDox cloud-based RIS:

1. Eliminates the Need for Physical Hardware