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AbbaDox provides teleradiology solutions that enable your practice to deliver the highest quality of care with the least amount of manual effort. As the U.S. population continues to age, and the number of new radiologist enrollments declines, imaging service organizations must evolve to meet these challenges.
To stay competitive, clinics and hospital systems of all sizes must implement solutions that enhance workflows, increase access to care, and reduce costs. That’s where AbbaDox Teleradiology Solutions come in.

Choosing a vendor with industry-leading cloud-based solutions and a deep understanding of teleradiology services will give your organization a critical advantage in the marketplace. The sustainable cost and low barriers to entry produce a worthy return on investment for imaging organizations, investors, and patients alike.

The AbbaDox ecosystem of interconnected, radiology-specific workflow solutions provide streamlined operational efficiencies that enable you to deliver world-class teleradiology services, regardless of your patient volume or geographic location.

Order, schedule studies, receive inbound orders or faxes


Obtain pre-authorization and clinical decision support


Route images, prior studies, and reports to the right radiologist at the right time with service-level turnaround time, workload balancing, and sub-specialty worklists

Create dictations on the fly with a proprietary integrated speech recognition solution that offers superior service, outstanding voice recognition, and natural language processing


Initiate critical findings and resolution workflow to ensure you and your care providers are delivering rapid, high-quality care


Send reports to any system, via HL7, fax, or email

Share images instantly with your referring providers and invoke easy consultation tools to help provide more value and higher quality of care

Permanently or temporarily store images based on your needs

Experience workstation-class diagnostic viewing tools in the power of a zero footprint, FDA-cleared diagnostic viewer

Federate Collect and automatically organize data from multiple sources to improve historical image access


Rest easy knowing your images and patient data are safe with our complete HIPAA compliance and HITECH certification


Save valuable time and resources with a complete managed services solution. We do the heavy lifting, so you can do what you’re best at: providing top quality patient care

Our world-class teleradiology workflow can be completely customized to meet your specific needs, whether you require a complete end-to-end solution or select components to begin your teleradiology services.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you deliver top quality reading services, open a new service line revenue, and meet the growing demands of today’s imaging environment.
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