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Enhance Referring Personal Injury Attorney Engagement

Become the Imaging Center of Choice for Referring Personal Injury Attorneys

AbbaDox’s Personal Injury Solution provides attorneys the visibility and access to just about every aspect of PI care coordination, securely and in real-time.

Our Personal Injury Solution streamlines the patient referral and intake process, in addition to supporting timely results distribution for your completed exams. The best portals automate workflow for your staff as well as for referrers.

Personal injury and worker’s compensation cases are a growing part of Images Center’s growth strategies. With AbbaDox’s Personal Injury Solution, your referring attorneys and imaging center staff will receive access to the right information at the right time. Expand your network of referring attorneys with our Referral Marketing Solution and manage the personal injury lifecycle of their patients without manually updating spreadsheets, burning disks, and producing, packaging and delivering documentation.

Personal Injury Cases per Year (US Department of Justice)

Personal Injury Law Firms in the US (IBISWorld)

Market in the United States (IBISWorld)

AbbaDox’s Personal Injury Patient Solution Helps Support the Referring Attorney, their Patients and your Staff with:

Growing Referrals

Expand your referral network to include a fast-growing revenue source for imaging

Automated Workflows

Reduce staff workload with customizable, automated workflows

Ease of Work

Simplify complex personal injury workflows for attorneys and imaging centers

Reducing Waste

Eliminate costs associated with burning disks, faxing documents, and preparing and delivering records


Referral Marketing

Track, manage and grow your referring attorney relationships

Appointment Requests

Allow attorneys to conveniently request appointments on behalf of their clients

Automated Bill Creation

Automatically create customizable bills from unpaid balances


Status Follow-ups, Updates & Notifications

Attorneys can monitor appointment statuses or enable alerts via email to follow up

Results & Image Access

Provide 24/7 access to reports and images for patients and attorneys as soon as they are available

Streamline Imaging Workflows at All Stages of the Modern Patient Journey

AbbaDox’s Personal Injury Solution seamlessly connects cloud-native practice management tools to provide even more functionality to grow your business and provide a positive patient experience.


Referral Marketing CRM

Grow your referral volume using a robust, real-time analytics tool built for healthcare.


Results and Image Distribution

Automatically drop final results and images onto the ordering physicians’ computer desktop.

Learn how our solutions can integrate into your existing systems, allowing you to streamline workflows, grow your business and improve patient experience.