Infrastructure Services

Ensure Business Continuity

Avoid downtime and maintain your company’s overall productivity. Through a partnership with a world-class VNA provider, Mach7, we provide disaster recovery services and smart backups of images on AbbaDox Cloud. Images are then accessible via standard DICOM protocols as well as web portals at the time of need.

In addition, multiple services related to image sharing are available to reduce an organization having to open up their original PACS archive to outside users.

Cloud Storage

Leverage a private cloud built exclusively for healthcare to maintain performance, security and business continuity.

Long-Term Archive

Safeguard your data in the cloud and meet regulatory or legal retention requirements.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Plan for the unexpected to minimize disruptions in day-to-day operations.

“I am proud to have been an early adopter of the AbbaDox Platform. I can’t imagine running any healthcare company without their solutions.

I have been using their systems for over 10 years now and I have nothing but strong, off-the-chart praise for the systems and more so for the AbbaDox team! Healthcare is unique to the legacy systems that are in place in each location, and AbbaDox helps sort through these to adapt to local processes and procedures making the go live easier and taking some of the stress out of change.”

Douglas P. Badertscher

Sarasota Orthopedic Associates

“AbbaDox has been a trusted service provider and IT partner by providing a platform for hosting and processing SCS data since 2003. AbbaDox provides professional medical transcription and editing services for SCS’ peer reviews, independent medical reviews, and other reports. The transcriptionists do an outstanding job with quick turnaround times and high accuracy levels. The AbbaDox workflow portal allows my staff to efficiently complete tasks and monitor the full document lifecycle. AbbaDox is a core component of my daily operations.”

Richard DeStefano

Support Claim Services

“AbbaDox CRM is fantastic! It’s straightforward and so easy to extract information we consider important. One day, our Marketing Supervisor was traveling in Fall River and was so impressed when he realized he could identify in just a few clicks every provider on that particular street who had referred a patient up to that moment. Now, that’s powerful.”

Sandi M. Duxbury

Director of Marketing and Business Development
Rhode Island Medical Imaging, Inc.

“Their fully integrated cloud technology platform makes it easy for us to remain agile and adapt to market conditions. In a client-server environment, we could not have been able to expand with such ease and in such a short timeframe. This represents a true advantage in a competitive market.”

Joseph Oksemberg

Center for Diagnostic Imaging

Learn how our solutions can integrate into your existing systems, allowing you to streamline workflows, grow your business and improve patient experience.